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EcoAtm is a company that buys used phones, tablets, and other devices such as mp3 players. Unlike their numerous competitors, EcoAtm buys devices at physical locations in the form of ATM machines in which you deposit your device. Not only that, but the entire process is completed in person instantly. Once deposited into the ATM, the machine will examine the device and determine how much it is worth. Once worth is determined, the machine will search for the highest price and then offer the consumer a buying price. If the consumer accepts, they are given cash in person from the ATM.


As for consumer feedback, Dewey B Strategic details his experience in a review on his blog. Dewey goes on to explain that the process for attempting to sell his device to the ATM is far from the “instant cash” that the machine boasts, stating that it was comparable to a “Rube Goldberg version of a Redbox”. After the entire process was over, Dewey writes that the machine offered only one dollar USD for his devices, and that unless you have a newer device you won’t be offered much more than that. McAfee site advisor states that EcoAtm is a legitimate company and is more than safe to use.

ecoatm-reviewOverall, EcoAtm appears to be perfectly legitimate in terms of being safe to use and scam-free. The main complaints brought up by consumers however have been that the service often offers extremely low prices for devices, as well as complaining that the process one must go through to sell their phone is extremely long and arduous. If you are okay with putting up with a potentially long and boring process in order to sell your device, as well as being offered a potentially small amount for your device (unless of course it is a newer version), then EcoAtm should be safe to use.