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Gizmogul is a major cell phone buying and selling platform. Consumers can choose the type of device they want to sell, ship it to the company free of charge, and then select how they want to get paid. Gizmogul is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

About Gizmogul

gizmogulGizmogul was founded by three brothers who wanted to revolutionize the electronics buy back and recycling market. The company now processes millions of cell phones every year from consumers across the country.

Once a consumer enters their details into the website about their smartphone or table, Gizmogul generates an offer, which can then be accepted. When the smartphone reaches Gizmogul’s processing warehouse, a payment is generated by check or deposited through PayPal, whichever was chosen by the consumer.

All smartphones and other electronic items are then refurbished and resold to various organizations and individuals around the world. A small portion of each sale goes towards the company’s philanthropic goal of building schools for needy children in developing countries.

Pros and Cons of Using Gizmogul

sellineGizmogul is a well known cell phone selling platform. One of the pros of using Gizmogul is that the process is extremely easy and most consumers have found that payments for their products are fair.

Unlike other similar companies, Gizmogul uses a portion of their profits for philanthropic reasons in developing countries. The organization believes in recycling 100 percent of the electronics they receive.

While the process of selling your smartphone is simple with Gizmogul, payments can be slow at times.

Gizmogul Reviews

In most cases, reviews for Gizmogul have been very positive. One individual reported a case where they sent in their smartphone and never received payment. Gizmogul informed them that they never received the phone, and the issue seems to be unresolved at this time.

On Trust Pilot, Gizmogul maintains a rating of 9.6 out of 10. Reviewers state that their experience with both buying and selling smartphones and tablets with Gizmogul never produced any problems.