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Swappa is a user-to-user mobile device marketplace website where users can sell used (but in good condition) mobile devices. The staff at Swappa curate all device listings so that they are able to prevent the listing of broken devices, blacklisted devices, and fraud in general. As for the broken phones, any phone that has a broken screen, water damage, or anything more severe than purely aesthetic wear is rejected.

Swappa ReviewsSwappa has, for the most part, been received fairly well. Online reviews praise Swappa for being a trustworthy platform to both buy and sell mobile devices. Tom’s Guide, for instance, gave Swappa an eight out of ten. Tom’s Guide praises Swappa for being easy to use, having active staff, and not having fees for selling. The only drawbacks noted in that particular review were that the only form of payment was through Paypal, and that it was a fairly new, non established site.

As for any complaints or scams involving the device marketplace, there are multiple users that have reported being scammed and/or receiving defective devices. One user stated that their “Phone burned out in less than 6 months”, elaborating that the device they purchased on Swappa began overheating after a relatively short time. Another user reports that they, as a seller, were scammed when a buyer claimed that their phone was defective and proceeded to send back a different phone.

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All-in-all, Swappa has been generally well received by its user base. Most people who recount their experience in using the online marketplace say that their experiences were smooth and overall satisfactory. However, as with any site such as Swappa, some of the users have had bad experiences. The main complaints among these users are people attempting to scam others out of their phones and receiving defective devices. These negative reviews are, however, in the minority. To sum it up, Swappa appears to be a legitimate mobile device marketplace that is safe to use, however be wary of any suspicious buyers or sellers.