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Usell is a company that buys used electronics and textbooks from consumers in the United States. The platform works by receiving multiple bids from potential buyers from one product, and then purchasing the product from the seller for the chosen bid.

Company Overview

usell-reviewsFounded in 2008, the actual selling platform did not launch until 2010. The original business model implemented by Usell involved matching one buyer to one seller, until the company acquired technology that allows multiple peer to peer price matching. This has made it much easier for Usell to actively buy products at real time prices.

Some of the popular products that Usell purchases include all brands of smartphone, tablets, video game consoles, textbooks and more.

Review of Usell

Usell has three thousand positive reviews on their website that give them an average score of 9.8 out of 10. While these reviews are significant in number, there are thousands of customers who have protested online against using Usell to sell smartphones.


Most of the complaints posted by customers have to do with shipping and payment issues. Many cases involve smartphones that were shipped by the customer to Usell, but never actually received by the company. Emails to customer service have gone either unanswered or were replied to with a generic response.

Customer who raised issues with payments complained that Usell quoted them a certain amount of money for their phone only to turn around and send them a check for a severely reduced amount. When customer service was contacted about these issues, customers are informed that the smart phone sent in was actually different than what the quoted price was for.

While Usell is a publicly traded company, it seems as if there are too many issues with false information and potentially misleading advertising. Those who wish to sell their smartphones should look elsewhere.